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About is an initiative of Pierre Forget (Service Informatiques Pierre Forget).

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Strong of our experience with accommodation and tourism sites, we have decided to offer a simple and efficient site to promote lodging and accommodation in the Province of Quebec. You can look, at the bottom of this page, at some of the sites that we have built over the years., Services Informatiques Pierre Forget and Pierre Forget do not hold any legal responsability for the content of this site. We make the best to keep the information as accurate as possible and to keep them up to date. It is your responsability to verify the content.

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Services Informatiques Pierre Forget
19 Place Tournesol
St-Donat, Québec, Canada
J0T 2C0

Pierre Forget, Webmaster
Pierre Forget

Here are some sites that we have built:

Tourism sites list of lodging for tourism in the Caribbeans list of lodging for tourism in Ontario tourism site for St-Donat tourism site for Ste-Agathe tourism site for St-Jovite tourism site for Mont-Tremblant list of cottages, houses and condos for rent in Quebec

Animatours, Séjours et vacances en formule club

Lodging sites

Bed & Breakfast la Tremblante in Mt-Tremblant

Auberge le Havre du Parc in St-Donat

Motel le Saint-Faustin

Inns in Quebec

Restaurants sites

Our site of all the Quebec restaurants with menus and categories: pizza, chinese food, thai food, sushi, italian food, greek food, japanese food, etc.

Manufacturers site

Eco-Cedre sawmill and manufacturer of cedar products

Sugar Shack sites

Sirop Cabine sugar shack in St-Donat

Snowmobiling and ATV sites

Sports St-Donat

Sports et Marine MV inc

Raid Motoneige au Canada

Other sites

Coding tips and other

Transmission Ste-Agathe (very good service)

Logiciel de gestion CHIRO-PRATIQUE

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